Generic Wifi Device

Is there an integration for a generic wifi switch?

I bought a Minoston outdoor wifi plug and it uses the smartlife app, however not sure what integration it would use with Homeassistant, if its compatible at all.

Seems like once its online it should be fairly easy to connect to HA, its just wif, but maybe it needs a special integration that isn’t made yet?

Somebody will probably come along with a better answer, but any device that uses Smart Life is a Tuya device. The docs for the Tuya integration say that it should work with devices connected to Smart Life, but I haven’t tried it.

I have a couple plugs that use the SmartLife app, but I was just going to see if I could flash them over to Tasmota instead because I really don’t like cloud integrations.

If I flash them to Tasmota, would zha still work or is it then z2mqtt?

Wi-Fi is Wi-Fi, ZHA and zigbee2mqtt are for Zigbee devices. Totally different protocols. A device is either Wi-Fi or Zigbee, I have never seen a device that is both. (Except some Zigbee coordinators, but that is something else)

If it is a Wi-Fi device, you can try the Tuya integration or try to flash Tasmota. ZHA/Zigbee2MQTT will never work.

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I know zigbee and wifi are totally different, but whats the point of flashing a device to tasmota? I thought that was for Z2MQTT, or does it do other protocols as well?

Tasmota was initially only for Wi-Fi devices, and still is for the most part. It gives you local control, no need for a cloud services. Recently, you can flash Tasmota on some Zigbee bridges, so they can be used with ZHA/Zigbee2MQTT, or with Zigbee2Tasmota, but lets say that is a side project.

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Awesome, learn something new every day!

Thanks, this is an awesome community!

Has anyone tried to flash a kasa plug to Tasmota?

Looks like this particular plug is not flashable?

I don’t think kasa plugs use an esp. Tasmota is only for esp-based devices.

It depends on when you bought it, really. As far as firmware versions that block Tuya-convert, the repo tells you how to know if your device is compatible. The firmware can also be updated any time you connect the device to Smart Life. As far as compatible modules, your link explains that. It is hit or miss since, like I said, companies like their proprietaries.

What is ESP? I’ve seen the forum for it, but I don’t understand what makes it different

Ya, having just bought this yesterday I’m pretty sure it won’t accept tamosta, I guess I’ll be returning it…

ESP is an MCU (similar to a CPU, but more limited)

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