Generic Zwave Thermostat .96.3 hvac_mode and heat_cool

When I originally installed Home Assistant and added my old Trane zwave thermostats, I found that each thermostat had two entities a climate.thermostat_heating and a climate.thermostat_cooling. I figured out through examples and trial/error. That I should set everything (fan mode, higher setpoint, etc…) other than the lower setpoint temperature on the climate.thermostat_cooling entity. The lower setpoint should be set on the climate.thermostat_heating entity.

So I’m on .96.3 and I’m trying to figure out how to fix my automations. It seems that I should set the hvac_mode to heat_cool then set the min_temp = XX and max_temp = XX. But it seems like I should set this on only one thermostat, and that there is a master plan where I should delete one of the entities and keep the other.

Before I just go an figure it out and fix it in such a way that I have to fix it again in the next release. Does anyone know the correct way for me to migrate from this 2 entities for one thermostat, or even if the existence of a heat_cool mode and min/max temp setpoints means that the second entity will ever go away?