Genie (Tuya) Led Light Strip Local Tuya not adding

Hi HA Community,

I’m having some problems adding a set of Genie LED Lights strips to my Local Tuya integration.

I’ve added a set of these to my other daughter’s room and so have gone through the motions of locating the Device details and Local Key.

However when I select that the device is a light and move to the next screen asking me to assign the attributes, Local Tuya is asking me to assign to the Device ID field. I’ve not sure I’ve seen this before and have tried referring to the other set of lights to ensure I’ve assigned everything correctly.

I’ve tried setting this up numerous times, reloading Local Tuya, rebooting after each attempt however I can’t seem to add them.

Have I missed a step here? Has anyone else experienced this issue?

Any advice feedback would be appreciated.