Genie with non english language?


Just discovered Génie that looks to be the new version of deprecated Almond that I never really succeeded to get working well !! I have easily installed server in Hassio and chat interaction works great. I’m going to setup a satellite to try with it in audio but is it possible to use it with other languages than english ? I could not find any documentation about that either on HA or Génie websites :frowning: and nothing in web gui of Génie server…



I assume not.
Even Google Assistant, with its billions, is sub-par for non-english, so I doubt we’ll see that anytime soon for an US Uni project…

Well Almond was international if I remember right for languages and I would not expect for an international project like HA to promote tools that would have such restriction (I expect majority of HA users now are non english native Too :wink: