Genio Galaxy Smart Lamp guide - very cool IoT RGB lamp with projector/laser and motor - freeing from cloud guide, YAML configuration included!

Here’s a very nice and detailed review/guide of an IoT smart lamp with unique motor/laser mechanism, it was posted by a fellow user (I only helped with scripting):

Lamp was flashed with my OpenBeken free mulitplatform firmware for new Tuya modules: GitHub - openshwprojects/OpenBK7231T_App: Open source firmware (Tasmota/Esphome replacement) for BK7231T, BK7231N, BL2028N, T34, XR809, W800/W801, W600/W601 and BL602
(OBK supports BK7231T, BK7231N, XR809 (aka XR3), BL602, W800/W801 and W600/W601, more coming soon!)

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or maybe even submit your own device!

The first link inlcudes all scripts, flashing steps and YAML config for HA. I hope it helps someone! If you need help with freeing some devices from cloud, send me a message, I will try to help