Geo Address

Hi ppl.
I’ve started tinkering on a small plugin that fetches address information from device_trackers’ positions.

What do you think?


because of @Mariusthvdb I did more or less the same yesterday in AppDaemon :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m interested in this and I don’t use appdaemon :wink:

I’m using Places for this atm, does this do the same thing ?

all I can see it’s a very small effort, and the result is magic… was my first step into AD, and a very rewarding one.

Ive got all info I wanted, and much more, for any device_tracker I feed it using lat/lon :wink:

Ive tried Places some time ago, and while it looked fine at first site, it gave me issues, and seemed to cause processor spasms/battery depletion, although that was denied as being possible…could have been something else, and people report fine results. As always ymmv.

Distance from home is still on my list (though if Waze behaves, we already have that, along with the other attributes you describe)

this AD app is effortless, kudos to @ludeeus

Me too. I don’t suffer the problems that @Mariusthvdb did but there is something not quite ‘perfect’ about my location setup that I can’t quite put my finger on. I have no suspicions on any of the individual components I use, it all just doesn’t feel quite right. Maybe I’m just expecting hoping for too much :thinking:

Maybe I’ll give it a go…

No harm in trying I guess. I’ll give it a go.

This plugin is for Home Assistant not for Appdaemon. If you are looking for an Appdaemon variant, take a look at @ludeeus version :slight_smile:

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