Geocoded Location and Zones work, but no device_tracker

I have an issue with the device_tracker for my iPhone not appearing

The Geocoded Location works, as well as the zone name when viewed in dev tools. But there is no device_tracker associated to my phone, so I cannot associate that to my person, thus breaking all my automations.

This did not happen out of the blue, I got way behind updating and was on the Nov 21 update, where all this worked. I think somewhere between that and the most recent update device_tracker was changed (maybe 2022.2) and now I am stuck :frowning:

I ended up solving this and learning a few crazy things

  1. On your PHONE (for apple) there is a setting that can effect how HA sees your location, either as address or zone name. It is located in HA App > Settings > Companion App Settings > Sensors > Geocoded Location > Use Zone Name. Somehow this got turned off and was very annoying to figure out

  2. I deleted all the entities related to my phone, deleted my phone’s server connection, deleted my HA companion app, rebooted HA and reconnected it all. This got rid of some orphaned sensors I believe were causing the issue.

  3. Trying to go from 2021.11 to 2022.5 probably was part of the issue. I suggest deleting your Companion app and removing all related entities in HA before major updates (or going month by month and reading all patch notes to find breaking changes :slight_smile: