Geolocation and Zone bug?

Yesterday I had two very similar but distcinctly different wierdnesses with two phones running the HA mobile app.

In both cases, my house alarm was disarmed (as per an automation) because HA thought I’d re-entered the zone around my house.

In neither case was the zone physically re-entered, both devices were in a different country and had been for a week

In case A, the phone did report a geocoded location change within the zone (after the zone change occurred, wtf), so then everything that followed was “legitimate”. How or why did I get a phone geocoded event with details inside my home zone, when the phone was many miles away and had been for some time.

In the 2nd case, which occurred on a separate device just a few hours later, there was no change/event in the associated geocoded location, but the Zone decided it had been entered briefly…

What’s going on, why was a VERY wrong geocoded location sent by the app, and then later why did the zone decide it had changed when there was no associated geocoded location change (right or wrong)?

This normally works absolutely fine and ive never seen this occur in over a year of running this setup…

Hope thats clear :confused:

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Hello! I came across this topic when I encountered similar problems. For me however, I just wanted to know if it’s a documented error or configuration mistake on my hand. The latter seems to be the case. I used the logs/history to see similar zone/phone/person data like you did, and then discovered I had ‘overlapping’ Home zones. Somehow my configuration came to a point that there was a different ‘Home-zone’ (which I hardcoded in configuration.yaml) and a separate zone called ‘Thuis’ (Dutch word for Home) at similar geo-coördinates. So, this morning when my lovely GF got zone-notifications of me entering and leaving the house, I started investigating. I just trashed the non-native, separate ‘Thuis’-zone and then re-configured my automations to not use it anymore. But all in all, this was some absent-minded error I caused myself - so I’m sorry if I did not help to your specific use case. I just leave this here to remind others to check this possible error.