Geolocation bug ios 14.6 beta 1

Is anyone using 14.6 beta 1? I am getting this bug where Home Assistant thinks I am at a certain address pretty far from my home and/or current location for a brief moment randomly. What is really strange is that this address seems fixed. In fact even if home assistant shows my neighbors address sometimes due to gps inconsistencies, it never got this “wrong address” wrong. Although I can not be 100% certain it is due to ios 14.6 beta 1, the signs point to 14.6 beta 1. since my wife’s phone doesn’t seem to have the same issue.

What are your location permissions set to? Do you have precise location enabled?

Sorry i forgot to include these. The blue very tiny bars are the anomalies. @zacwest precise location is enabled

Can you take a look at the device tracker history for that particular time? It’s possible the device is picking up a wireless access point that Apple has tagged as having a certain GPS location (e.g. someone moved) and it’s using that to get a Wi-Fi assisted location (65m accuracy for the location will be the hint of that).

In the iOS app, you can go to App Configuration > Location > Location History to look at the location update events which kicked off the geocoded location sensor update as well.

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At 4:34:59 I am already back home. I measured the radius of this circle it is 228ft according to google maps so give or take some. Which is very close to the 65m you gave me. So does that mean it is an Apple problem?

If you tap the share button (box with arrow pointing up) it can export debug information you can save to a text file to read more directly, and it’ll show the numbers from the raw data.

That does look around like a Wi-Fi fix. That’s a lot of region enter/exits all around the same time - I wonder what’s causing location to change so much in the middle of the night – were any of these location changes legitimate?

@zacwest no most of the enters show i am moving to my neighbors house. I chalk that up to inaccuracy in gps since my room is very close to neighbors house i guess. Even though the distance moved was very little it considers it to be significant change.


Debug Information




  • Center: (37.342743, -121.980657)

  • Accuracy: 65.00m (from Wi-Fi)



  • Center: xx

  • Radius: 100.00m

  • Distance From Perimeter: xx

  • Distance From Center: xx

  • Relative State: outside

I just want to update this post as close for I am sure it is not a home assistant issue now. Today the handwashing notification you get when you come home activated right after a location update in the logs of home assistant location history. normally the reason I don’t get this notification because of do not disturb. I like leaving it on a lot to block calls. today because i was waiting for an important call i turned it off.