Geolocation on iPhone 12 Max Pro running ios14.4.2

Just set up HA on a RaspPI this weekend and started to add in integration with ST and other previous home solutions. Everything was working great and as expected and then out of the blue the Geolocation for the iPhone changed my location to Algeria at 3:00:01 PM.

Of course, there is a little freak out when an app tells you are someplace that you are now. So I rebooted everything (iPhone, RaspPI), turned on and off location services, check all the settings for the app (based on other posts like this and the setting for remote access), and even checked iCloud Find my Phone - it shows the iPhone at home.

What am I missing and why out of the blue does the geolocation data go haywire when the device has not left my side at home?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

PS: Out of the blue the geolocation data changed and updated correctly 38 minutes later - still would like to have some feedback on the issue.

Look in the Event Log in the App Configuration, it’ll give you the latitude/longitude data that the app pulled from the system. Sometimes weird locations like this can occur if Apple picks up the coordinate from a nearby Wi-Fi access point, which the app has no way of detecting is invalid.

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