Geolocation services for Nl? where can we find these providers

I would be interested in having warnings for earthquakes and fires in our surroundings, lets say the wider north western european region.

Not aware of the many publicly available services probable, I like to ask the community where could we find servers to entire in the sensors configuration.

did find the KNMI, our national weather institute pages in this: and

but that probably isn’t very useful to be used like this:

if anyone knows where to find this, please post?

That KNMI FDSN data source may be a candidate for a geolocation integration. Basically what you are looking for is a feed in a standardised format that you can query in regular intervals and extract at least latitude/longitude and some basic information like magnitude of the earthquake, descriptive location, date and time of first occurrence and last update. And it should be a current feed, for example with the ability to limit by time, and not containing historical data (I have found plenty of these).

According to the fdsnws-event documentation, the query even supports a radius search which further simplifies handling the results from the feed, because the results contains exactly the events to display.

For the existing geolocation integration I have used GeoRSS or GeoJSON feeds. QuakeML looks reasonably straightforward to build an integration for. The above query also supports text output - this may also be sufficient for a simple integration into HA.

I’ve recently built the IGN Sismologia integration for earthquakes on the Iberian peninsula. You could have a look at the structure of the HA integration and the underlying library that interfaces with the GeoRSS feed for some inspiration.

thanks, ill have a look at what you write here, seems very daunting to me still…

would you know of a public site listing these feeds you mention? Or how to best find them?

Sorry, I’m not aware of any particular sites listing available geolocation feeds. I just found them by coincidence or searched for known formats like GeoRSS or GeoJSON.