Geolocation troubles with Huawei P20 Pro


I have the mobile app installed on two smartphones. On my Samsung A50, everything works perfectly. It always sends the location to my HA.

But with the Huawey, it doesn’t refresh. If i leave home, the location get stucked few metters from the home and never refresh. Only if I go to the app. That way, the location refreshes. But that’s the end.

I checked authorisations in the parameters and everything seems to be allowed.

Don’t know where to get logs of the Smartphone app.

Without it, I can"t use the location to trigger automations.

Thanks a lot for your Help


Check these settings:

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Thank you for your answer. I found another parameter about battery.

I’ll see if that changes something.

Everything else is allowed.

I tried many things. It seems that the application doesn’t work in bouckground. I tried with wifi activation.

When I refresh the logbook nothing happens just after activate the wifi. If I switch one the mobile phone, it appears in the logbook.

If i close the companion app and re open, it appears in the logbook. if i don’t do anything on the mobile phone, nothing happens. I’m pretty sure about the options in adroid…

Very strange.


I’m in a very similar situation. I have the app in two huawei p30. Both with exact same config ( batt and data usage) one works fairly well although I would prefer more frequent updates, but the second one almost never updates geolocation or any other value. I don’t know what to do now.

I’ve had the same issues so I disabled the mobile app tracking and use GPS Logger, works perfectly

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Thanks for the idea. I´m trying to test GPS Logger but unable to get it to work so far. I´ll keep trying :slight_smile:

The process in the HA docs is quite long but works in the end. I use Nabu Casa for external access to HA if that makes any difference ?