Get a new access token using a refresh token

I this possible on I have a valid refresh token and following the dev doc but I still get “unsupported_grant_type”.

Any ideas, or how this is supposed to work? thanks.

(this is a test with postman for example)

grant type
Is probably Bearer
Have a look at this

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this is the dev doc i’m refering to but it isn’t working for me, not sure if it’s home assistant only and not


From your Postman screenshot it appears you are passing the parameters in the query string and not the body. Try this:

  • Switch to the Body tab
  • Select the x-www-form-urlencoded option
  • Enter the parameters in the KEY and VALUE columns - you can do this more quickly by:
    • Click on Bulk Edit
    • Enter the parameters in for format name:value, one per line
    • Click on Key-Value Edit
  • Remove the querystring parameters
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bingo! thanks I really appreciate your help with this @Steven_Rollason

I’m using the browser hassConnection object for my extension, and as it always runs in the content of the user having the brower open I didn’t want to deal with long lived access tokens, though I may try websockets for my next extension.