Get All Entities

Is there an API call that returns HA’s entity schema? I’m working on a Hassio to OPC application that consumes data through the WebSocket API, so in order to get Hassio’s entity schema I do a couple of get_states requests and build the schema from the return.

Ideally I would like a return like this:
[{id, domain, parent, name, friendlyname, datatype}]

Any ideas?

PS: I plan to release this application as an add-on in the near future. For the time being I will create another thread pointing to the GitHub repo.

GET /api/states#

Thanks, but as I mentioned, I’m already using the get_states WebSocket request that produces pretty the same result. I was looking for something simpler, like a GET /api/entities or get_entities that returns id, domain, name and data type, but I guess this doesn’t exist.