Get attribute to template sensor

This seems to be a somewhat common topic, the solutions i have read are all unique and none seem to work in my case. I always end up with the sensor being unavailable.
I haven’t figured exactly how i will deal with this data, for now i just want to make a template sensor that makes any of these numbers available that are under the source sensor’s state attributes. As you see comma separated under the label “today”.

today: 1.065, 1.059, 0.994, 1.061, 1.153, 1.12, 1.027, 1.468, 1.699, 1.61, 1.672, 1.67, 1.617, 1.171, 1.129, 1.152, 1.34, 1.795, 3.151, 3.413, 3.523, 3.155, 2.659, 2.042

Post what you have tried but didn’t work.

Well for example

        value_template: "{{ state_attr('sensor.nordpool_kwh_se4_sek_3_10_025', 'today[1]') }}"

in several variations that i picked up in various posts around the internet.
Another was

        value_template: "{{ state_attr('sensor.nordpool_kwh_se4_sek_3_10_025', 'today', [1]) }}"

And so on and so forth.

Copy-paste the following template into the Template Editor and let me know if it reports anything useful (or an error message):

{{ state_attr('sensor.nordpool_kwh_se4_sek_3_10_025', 'today').split(', ')[1] }}


I am unfamiliar with the information contained by a Nordpool sensor so it’s unclear to me if the value of the today attribute is a comma-separated string or a list. The template above assumes it’s a string.

The sensor once again ends up unavailable and i get the following in the log:

TemplateError('UndefinedError: 'list object' has no attribute 'split'') while processing template 'Template("{{ state_attr('sensor.nordpool_kwh_se4_sek_3_10_025', 'today').split(', ')[1] }}")' for attribute '_attr_native_value' in entity 'sensor.today1'

Don’t put the template I posted into a Template Sensor. Just put it into the Template Editor where it’s easy to experiment with it.

Anyway, the error message confirms what I was trying to determine (the attribute’s value is not a string but a list.

Copy-paste the following template into the Template Editor and let me know what it reports :

{{ state_attr('sensor.nordpool_kwh_se4_sek_3_10_025', 'today')[1] }}
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Wasn’t aware of the template editor, useful tool.
That did it, as expected i end up with the second value in the list. Thanks a bunch.

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You’re welcome!

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