Get bitcoin price without currency

I have the Kraken integration up & running and getting the bitcoin price.
But the value is including USD currency. I want to have only the value to show on an external display. How do I grab the value only?

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I don’t understand what you are asking. There is no such thing as “price” without currency. How else would you buy something?

I found the solution. I had to use templating to get only the numeric value without the currency attached to it:

{{ states('sensor.xbt_usd_bid', rounded=true, with_unit=false) }}

What you’re looking for is to extract just the Bitcoin value without the USD, right? It’s a cool project! You can totally do this with a bit of code magic. You’d want to get the data and then parse out the part you need. If you’re using Python, libraries like Requests or Beautiful Soup could help. Just a heads up, I’m no coding whiz, but I managed to pull off something similar once. Speaking of coding, have you checked out the Ethereum Code? It’s fascinating how AI is creeping into trading scenarios. Like, it’s not a crystal ball but it can offer insights. Still, gotta stay cautious and not go all-in based on it.