Get current temperature of Fritz! Dect 301

Hi all,

I am using multiple Fritz! Dect 301 thermostats. I added all devices via the provided AVM Fritz!Smarthome integration. I want to display the temperature one device is currently measuring. Home Assistant doesn’t show me an entity to do that. I can only see these entities for each thermostat:

  • climate.bathroom
  • sensor.bathroom_battery
  • sensor.bathroom_comfort_temperature
  • sensor.bathroom_current_scheduled_preset
  • sensor.bathroom_eco_temperature
  • sensor.bathroom_next_scheduled_change_time
  • sensor.bathroom_next_scheduled_preset
  • sensor.bathroom_next_scheduled_temperature

How can I read the current temperature?

Following the documentation (AVM FRITZ!SmartHome - Home Assistant) there should also be an attribute called “window_open”. How can I use this, too?

Hi @veniplex,

I also have some Dect 301 thermostats. When I add a new scene with one of them (“bad”), I get the following:

- id: '1663698669205'
  name: xxx
      - heat
      - 'off'
      min_temp: 8
      max_temp: 28
      - eco
      - comfort
      current_temperature: 24
      temperature: 23
      preset_mode: comfort
      battery_low: false
      battery_level: 60
      holiday_mode: false
      summer_mode: false
      window_open: false
      friendly_name: Bad
      supported_features: 17
      state: heat

So there is the current_temperature as well as the window_open property. Does that help you? Where would you want to read these values?

I am having the same question/issue and am looking for a way to display these ccurrent temperatures as graphs on a dashboard. Any way to get these available there as when I try to add a Sensor to the dashboard it does not show me the current_temperature as selectable option.

Thanks for your help

So it seems there are several ways to display the temperature of a Fritz Dect 301 thermostat:

Temperature as Number

type: entity
entity: climate.bad
name: 'Bad Temperatur '
attribute: current_temperature

This will show a card with the temperature as number with unit:


type: thermostat
entity: climate.bad

This will show a card with some thermostat that also displays the current temperature and the target temperture:

History graph

type: history-graph
  - entity: climate.bad

This will show the history graph of the temperature (current as well as target): image

I hope this helps!

(Sorry, originally, I had to split the answer into multiple ones as I’m still a new user and some restrictions applied. I have now copied everything into one answer.)

I wanted to display the temperature from Fritz!Dect 301 as a gauge in Home Assistant and managed to integrate it as follows:

Go to File Editor and add these lines to your configuration.yaml:

# Sensor Temperatur Büro von Fritz!Dect 301
  - platform: template
       friendly_name: "Temperatur Büro"
       value_template: "{{ state_attr('climate.heizung_buro', 'current_temperature') }}"
       unit_of_measurement: "°C"
       device_class: temperature

Add a gauge card and configure it or use these lines in code editor of a manual card:

type: gauge
entity: sensor.temperatur_buro_fritz_current
needle: true
  green: 17
  yellow: 15
  red: 21
name: Büro
min: 1
max: 40

The result looks like this:

Good idea! I could transfer this (wrote the lines into sensor.yaml) and it works. Now I wanted to use the newly created sensor for the display of a statistics diagram in my dashboard, but the sensor does not show up under the entities.
Any idea what I have to change or adapt to make the data of the sensor available in the selection menu?
Thank you very much in advance.