Get current temperature of Fritz! Dect 301

Hi all,

I am using multiple Fritz! Dect 301 thermostats. I added all devices via the provided AVM Fritz!Smarthome integration. I want to display the temperature one device is currently measuring. Home Assistant doesn’t show me an entity to do that. I can only see these entities for each thermostat:

  • climate.bathroom
  • sensor.bathroom_battery
  • sensor.bathroom_comfort_temperature
  • sensor.bathroom_current_scheduled_preset
  • sensor.bathroom_eco_temperature
  • sensor.bathroom_next_scheduled_change_time
  • sensor.bathroom_next_scheduled_preset
  • sensor.bathroom_next_scheduled_temperature

How can I read the current temperature?

Following the documentation (AVM FRITZ!SmartHome - Home Assistant) there should also be an attribute called “window_open”. How can I use this, too?