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Bonjour, j’ai tanté de suivre ton poste mais dès le départ mes “entrée” de type compteur ne ressortent pas comme les tiennes.
En effet j’ai deux “entrées”

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The subject was well discussed on the french forum, and I do not know if it reached this post, but a good addition in case of tempo contract if you want to recover your linky information without RTE or EDF API is the Zlinky module by lixee. For approx 50€ this small zigbee module is plugged on the TIC (teleinfo) terminal bloc of the linky and gives you all information available at Linky level, including tempo color of the day, tempo color of next day (at 20h00) index for all six cases (HP/HC blue, white and Red), apparent power, intensity etc…

This can be well integrated with the energy dashboard as well…



Ps: french speaker might find additional information here:

or here:

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@mathieucarbou when you create the counters, which entry sensor do you use for each one ?

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Sorry for not answering to all the mentions above : I forgot to activate email notifications…

So I’ve put a lot of HA integrations in my Gists:

There are some regarding Linky / Tempo / etc amongst some others.

I’ve also changed how I manage things so it’s improved. I basically rely more on a Linky TIC now, and merge the data with RTE for the upcoming colors. Current color code is taken from the linky which is more reliable, as for the energy data.

Happy HA-cking everyone :blush:

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Thank you for your sharing because it is not easy to configure tempo :).
So I configured the script, automation and all the helpers using the tempo.yaml file from @mathieucarbou. All these helpers/entities have the sensor “source: sensor.grid_energy” but I don’t see how to configure this source because on the TIC of the linky I have the HPHC and HPHC. If anyone has an idea how to create this sensor which would allow switching


sensor.grid_* are my Shelly EM sensors

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