Get every nth element from weather service response

I am trying to get the temperature from the output of weather.get_forecast every third element.
Temperature is not changing so much, so I would like to safe some space on my display :wink:

I tried to use looping using a variable, according to this post: Counting simple variable in jinja (loop), but I don’t get the counter implemented in the .attribute.forecast[ ] the way it works correctly.

At the moment I am using this template to display the temperature of the next three hours

 {% for state in states.sensor.weather_forecast_hourly.attributes.forecast[1:4] -%}
        {{ as_timestamp(state.datetime)| timestamp_custom("%H") }}h;{{ state.temperature| round(0) }}°#
        {%- endfor %}

Great idea … I constructed this to show every 2nd one…possibly some of the guru’s have another idea :slight_smile:

 {% for s in range(0,states.sensor.weather_forecast_hourly.attributes.forecast|length) -%}
 {% if s  | int % 2 == 0 %}
{{ states.sensor.weather_forecast_hourly.attributes.forecast[s].temperature }}
{% endif %}        
{%- endfor %}
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It is working, thank you!

i changed the line states.sensor.weather_forecast_hourly.attributes.forecast|length’ to an integer to limit the number output values and added some more attributes to the output.

I really enjoy this community - 1h and some smart person has a solution and nobody tells you “weather is stupid” or “you don’t need temperature, you need insert something totally different