Get highest Climate temperature delta (set temp vs current temp)

Hi, I’m looking for a way to get the biggest difference of Set vs. current temperature from all climate controls.

i made a list of climate entities, and can get the delta via state_attr(climate, 'current_temperature') - state_attr(climate, 'temperature') but if I run it in a for loop I can’t use the min or max functions of an array.

Alternativ if I try {{ climates |state_attr('current_temperature') }} I get an error I can’t comprehend: AttributeError: 'list' object has no attribute 'lower'

so I’ve managed to get the answer I need by the following, but I think there must be a better way:

((state_attr('climate.c8', 'current_temperature') - state_attr('climate.c8', 'temperature'))*2)|round / 2,
((state_attr('climate.c7', 'current_temperature') - state_attr('climate.c7', 'temperature'))*2)|round / 2,
((state_attr('climate.c6', 'current_temperature') - state_attr('climate.c6', 'temperature'))*2)|round / 2,
((state_attr('climate.c1', 'current_temperature') - state_attr('climate.c1', 'temperature'))*2)|round / 2,
((state_attr('climate.c2', 'current_temperature') - state_attr('climate.c2', 'temperature'))*2)|round / 2,
((state_attr('climate.c5', 'current_temperature') - state_attr('climate.c5', 'temperature'))*2)|round / 2,
((state_attr('climate.c3', 'current_temperature') - state_attr('climate.c3', 'temperature'))*2)|round / 2,
((state_attr('climate.c4', 'current_temperature') - state_attr('climate.c4', 'temperature'))*2)|round / 2,

to get the max delta temperature in .5° steps