Get http webUI to redirect to app?

I’m trying to send a link to telegram that would, on an Android device, open the app on a certain screen. I can do this manually by setting the URL to homeassistant://navigate/lovelace/0[1], which works pretty well.

However there is a limitation for bots which, though are able to create http links in the form of [link](, are limited (by design it seems) and will not render a link that points to homeassistant://navigate/lovelace/0[2].

The solution is to use a http link to a trivial website that redirects to the installed app using the URL handler scheme as above.

Before I set up such a fix, I figure this is something the webUI should be doing by default, similar to the way the Amazon app opens when you go to the Amazon website. This would allow the link to work both when the companion app is installed and not. Is this possible?

[1]URL Handler | Home Assistant Companion Docs
[2]python - Any way to open an app from Telegram bot? - Stack Overflow