Get image in notification ( motion detected by camera when device not connected to wifi)

Hello all,

Not sure if this has been addressed.

i have an ezviz camera which has got an entity


which gets updated whenever the camera gets motion.

i wanted to create an automation in which when the device is not connected to wifi, and the camera detects motion, it sends a notification to the phone with the last motion image and if it is connected to wifi, it does not.

I have created a sensor for my wifi connection that when i am connected to my home wifi, it changes to home and when disconnected it shows not home, which is working as expected.

i am having a hard time setting up the notification part. how do i put the entity in the notification?


For anyone who looks at this in future, i was unable to get this working, but for a different workaround, I used the motion detected entity and then have the camera service have a snapshot which is then sent to the HA app.