Get IP address of discovered device (phantom NUT discovery)?

I just recently got up and running and plan to slowly migrate one device at a time off of my smartthings setup.

Something strange that happened right off the bat is that a NUT server appears to have been found through Discovery even though I’m 99% sure I’m not running one. I did in the past but the device that used to host the server has been powered off for some time.

I saw that when the functionality was initially added as an addon there was an issue where sometimes a NAS could be detected by accident. I don’t have a direct NAS device, though I am running unRAID off the same ESXi server that HA OS is on. Likewise, I do have 2 UPS units but they are both attached to their respective machines via USB.

How can I get details about the device that HA thinks has a NUT server so I can figure out what’s going on? I tried checking the logs in Supervisor->System but it doesn’t seem to have anything about Discovery in there, with the only related line being

2021-11-07 08:30:04 ERROR (SyncWorker_4) [homeassistant.components.nut] Failure getting NUT ups alias, Socket error.

under Core, which is understandable if what it’s seeing isn’t actually a NUT service.

I also tried some Google Fu for a bit but had no luck when looking for IP info for the NUT handler specifically, or Discovery in general.

I’d like to add a second to this request, so I’m adding my details to get any replies. I, too, have been seeing a NUT server which shows up from auto-discovery. I’ve not set up a NUT server myself, but have a similar situation:

  • My office has 2 NetGear NAS devices
  • My HASS is running on a VM also running on an ESXi box.
  • My server rack has two UPS units, both connected with USB as far as I know. I also have 6 other UPS units on desktops and other equipment, from several vendors, each with vendor-specific software installed.
  • I also have a Generac generator installed (but not yet tied into HASS)

Obviously, it would be nice to be able to detect a power outage and fire certain events and alerts, which will at least tell me that the generator is running,

So, how can we tell WHICH UPS/Software is showing up as a NUT Server device??? Attempting to “Configure” that Integration simply prompts for username/password, but I don’t know what I’m logging into. It’s been driving me nuts for some time. (Pun Intended)

Same boat here. Auto discovery really should show the IP address of the discovered NUT server at the very least. How does one know what login credentials to use in an environment that has multiple NUT servers on the same segment?

(I realize that this has not been commented no since Dec 2021, but this is obviously affecting a few users)

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