Get multiple output using sensor node in one go


I do understand how to get values back from node-red as sensor data inn to home red.
But is there a way to get multiple values in on go using one sensor node?

Eks array msg.payload contains some data I need. Using a change node to set msg.payload to expression payload[3] third elemt. Using a sensor node, I create to msg.payload

If I need more than one value, I can just add more change and sensor nodes.

Can this be done so one sensor node makes: = payload[3]
sensor.station.dublin = payload[7]


In the sensor nodes configuration page, add attributes to the sensor. Use a change node to break up the array into separate paths.


Thanks, that works perfect. I also needed to set the state value to some, or else all payloads goes to state and did make a mess :slight_smile:

Use the entity node to create a sensor in Home Assistant.
Remember to set the name (the top property of the node) before you deploy

I did get it to work, but when using attribute values, it seems that it only show a value that I can not graph it. Only the stuff that I put in state section of sensor node seem to give graphs.

Do I need to make a entity node, and how?

Most graph cards only show the main state of the entity. I think apex charts can chart an attribute.