Get notified when customize.yaml changes attributes of my component

I’ve got a custom component (Dobiss NXT support) where I would like to have entities that have a default value for one of the attributes, but allow the user to modify that attribute.
This seems to work fine, by adding the device_state_attributes function, for example:

    def device_state_attributes(self):
        """Return supported attributes."""
        return self.attrs

When I then use any of the methods described to modify some of the attributes, I can see these changes in the front-end correctly.

However, what I’m missing, is how to get notified in my custom component that this change has happened?

One of the use-cases would be for a climate component, where I have the ‘default temperature’ as an attribute. When this attribute is modified through the customize.yaml flow, the state of the climate entity correctly shows this, but I have no idea how to know that this change happened (besides implementing a polling of some sort).

Any suggestions or ideas how this is supposed to work?

did you find a solution?
I also want to let users write a custom attribute for each entity to configure some features.

I didn’t see a notification for this reply, sorry. But no, I never found a good solution…

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