Get responses from the Google Assistant SDK

Previously, I had been using the Assistant Relay addon. That addon provided audio responses with URLs which I could download in HA. I primarily used it to check if Nest Guard is armed or not. It’d be great if we could somehow get the audio or written response from the Google Assistant SDK in HA.

This would be great. I would even go so far as to want a Google Assistant SDK-based sensor and/or binary_sensor.

I have an older Roomba that Home Assistant can’t work with directly, but I can control it and get state information for it via Google Assistant.

Google Assistant SDK: TTS for response playback by tronikos · Pull Request #85416 · home-assistant/core · GitHub will allow playing back assistant’s response on any media player.

Google Assistant SDK conversation agent by tronikos · Pull Request #85499 · home-assistant/core · GitHub will allow having a conversation with Google Assistant.

For getting the text response in automations I had Google Assistant SDK: Fire event with request/response for automations by tronikos · Pull Request #84856 · home-assistant/core · GitHub but it was rejected. We will have to wait for service calls to return values; discussed in Service calls with return values · Discussion #777 · home-assistant/architecture · GitHub


Impressive work right there. Hopefully, the service calls get return values soon.

Since 2023.2 release the service call takes media_player. Example from the documentation at Google Assistant SDK - Home Assistant

# Say a joke on the living room speaker
service: google_assistant_sdk.send_text_command
  command: "tell me a joke"
  media_player: media_player.living_room_speaker

Until service calls return values, to get responses in automations install:

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Works like a charm. Thanks.