Get Sony Smart TV Status (paused, playing?)

Using a Sony Bravia TV with AndroidTV on it. When I add the Sony integration, it tells me whether or not the TV is on or muted…I can even start an application. It does NOT seem to show me what app is on the screen or whether or not the TV is paused.

Wasn’t able tt find the answer with the standard discoverable integration and the PSK method outlined here. Ultimately successful with Android TV integration but this does not do as well managing the apps as inputs so far. Right now, I have a Frankenstein setup with the standard integration used if I want to manually manage the device and the AndroidTV integration basically as a better sensor for device state. There mus be a better way!

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I know how you feel. I just made a template sensor which combines the two devices so I see the accurate state depending which device has more info.

mind sharing the details? I am still in the beginner stage so I don’t even know what a template sensor is.

I don’t have the code in front of me but here is the guide to template sensors.

Eg you want to have it show the media integration from Bravia and if the source is App then use the media info from AndroidTV