Get the daily energy consumption and price for use in templates

I can’t seem to find any documentation on where to get access to the data displayed in the

type: energy-sources-table

component. I would love to just present the accumulated daily consumption and cost in a Mushroom card, along with the current spotprice and price level. The card will then link to the energy dashboard for details.

I see mentions of a Utility Meter - but really, the data is already calculated and is available to the above mentioned UI component?

Thanks in advance.

Indeed. It is calculated from the database tables as required fro the dashboard / cards, and not available as entities

Ok :frowning: Is there some way to expose this data, in a consumable form, using e.g. a template entity or using another trick? I can work out the details myself, but any suggestion as to which approach to take, would be appreciated. Thanks!

If you are any good with SQL I guess you could create entities with this:

You could also vote for this:

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I did just that. Thanks

Can you please share how your SQL sensors look like?

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