WTH why can't I use the graphs as used for energy/solar/gas for other data

The energy dashboard has some nice graphs that can show usage/production per day/week/month/year. It would be nice if you could use those type graphs for other things to.

For me I am interested in keeping an overview of the amount of data used on the internet connection. I have sensors that keep track of it, just no nice way to display it (with normal statistics graph it just shows the total ever, not usage per day/week etc… ).
Would be useful for basically anything you want to keep track of usage. For example water also.

I would imagine being able to reuse the graph, but able to select which entities to show.

I am talking about these bar graphs.

I agree, now I need to create utility meters and other workarounds to be able to display things like this.

This idea is also discussed here: WTH do we have Energy dashboard and no Water dashboard? - #8 by the-mentor

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Or is it about time that we finally port the “Mini Graph Card” to HA core?

That’s up to the developer.

It seems to me that a minimal change would go a significant part of the way:

The statistics card bar chart currently plots the sum column from the LTS database. This is not very useful, because it just shows a set of increasing bars, in that, as far as I can tell, the chart only renders for total_increasing sensors in the first place.

If the bar chart plotted the difference between the state of the sensor at the end and beginning of the period represented by the bar, we would immediately get a consumption chart that could be used to plot rainfall, water use, internet data use, etc.

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ApexCharts does support plotting statistics. You can create graphs similar to the ones in the Energy dashboard (with a bar per hour showing the difference with the previous hour).

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Thanks for the pointer. That seems really powerful, but from some quick experiments it looks like the statistics it can show are basically the same as the normal statistics card.

What I am looking for is like how the energy bar graph does some calculations that makes it show the usage per time period, like in the first post the picture has bars for usage in each month. The statistics graphs show the ever total of a sensor value.

Yes that is true, I also remembered that later on. For bars per day, you can show a utility meter that resets daily and choose for ‘state’ as type. That will show the latest state for a particular day which is the daily usage, but still not ideal.

I’m currently working on a fork of ApexCharts with a new statistics type that does show it in the same way HA does on the Energy dashboard (i.e. difference in sum value). The reason that also the built-in Lovelace statistics card does not show it is because the energy cards are not normal statistics cards and contain the logic to calculate the differences between the sums. As soon as I have something working, I will post it here and PR into ApexCharts (not sure if it is still active, GitHub does not indicate so).


Hi, did you manage to get this done? I’d love to create a rolling-window 12 months energy bar chart, and everything I found so far either doesnt support monthly delta calculation, or no real monthly grouping at all :-/

Got a bit sidetracked on this project, but I have been trying out History explorer card which seems to do the job.