Get thermostat setting into node-red


Hi all.
I have node-red doing my climate control and works well. But I woul dlike to have a graphical dial/thermostat type input available on the HA side of things be it loveloce or the old states. Would anyone have a suggestion?


I’m using the HA thermostat but automate it using nodered, so nodered is doing the climate control but I have the option to manually override with the dial in HA.

Instead of nodered calling my heat switch it calls the thermost which then calls the heat switch.



Thanks all so far.

I also have a need to get other anolog values from HA graphical into node-red for other bits and pieces. As an example, delays for lights turning off. I would like a dial with min/max values and be able to adjust the dial etc then grab the end value in node-red. Just doing a search for say custom card for lovelace