Get time of when a sensor was last changed?

I want to know when a binary sensor was last changed (from on to off or vice versa).
I tried finding information on here but could not find anything that seem to work?

Tested this but it gives me “unknown” as output:

{{ states('binary_sensor.pump_room_dehumidifier_power_on_state.last_changed') }}

Basically I want this value:

OK I solved it through help elsewhere.

For others finding this, you need to use the state object:

{{ states.binary_sensor.pump_room_dehumidifier_power_on_state.last_changed }}

last_changed is a property of the entity’s State Object. That’s why you can’t reference its value using states() or state_attr(). In addition, the states() function only accepts an entity_id (and nothing else).

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Thanks for clarifying! :slight_smile: