Get to windows via HA?

Hi there,

So I did something silly, I have HA and Homebridge installed, for some reason the connection to the Internet was running over the Homebridge NIC interface. I no longer need Homebridge so I decided to disable the NIC in windows but that seems to now have severed the connection to the internet for Teamviewer and Remote Desktop.

The HA server is in a remote location, in a rack without a screen. For some strange reason HA still works and is connected to Is there anyway I can get to the windows NIC interfaces via HA Terminal / SSH to reenable that NIC?

I thought that with there being 1x Physical, 1x HA virtual bridge and 1x Homebridge virtual bridge under HyperV, if I disabled the HomeBridge Nic it would just fall back on the standard physical NIC but that obviously didnt happen.

The Homebridge NIC had an ip of, the HA nic seems to have