Get weather forecast for ChatGTP

Hey everyone,

I love the new AI feature from Home Assistent, but I want to get the weather forecast from the AI.

I´ve tried to write an intent_script in my configuration.yaml like JLo did it in the Release Party Video, but I can´t figure out how it works.

In my configuration.yaml I write this code:

    - GetWeatherForecastHourly:
        - "Get the hourly weather forecast"

    description: "Get the hourly weather forecast at my home location"
      - service: weather.get_forecasts
            - weather.my_weather_station
          type: hourly
        response_variable: result
      - stop: ""
        response_variable: result
      text: "{{ action_response }}"

All I get is “The GetWeatherForecastHourly function is designed to retrieve actual weather data from a real-world source. As a language model, I don’t have access to live weather services or real-time data feeds.”

Any ideas how I can fix this?

Does Assist have access to the integration you are using as the weather source? Also, yo may want to specify the exact name or create an alias for it to use.

This is it. :see_no_evil:
In all my tests, I temporarily changed the weather entity, which the assistant did not have access to.
The answer could be so simple.

Thank you daywalker!

You’re welcome. As it happens, I had a similar experience recently and using the integration name fixed it for me.