getBroadlinkSharedData on RM3 Mini - script returning empty?

Running broadlink IR component successfully, but unable to extract app remotes as described in component instructions “using e-control remotes”.

The dumped txt file is empty, although on econtrol app the remote does exist and works properly.

Noticed that the three files that I am supposed to read
jsonSubIr jsonButton jsonIrCode
are empty, and instead there is a jsonCloudAc file which correctly identifies the remote model code 1019 but does not spell out the IR codes


Any idea where else I should be looking to extract all remote codes?

The post is almost a year ago but this is for those who faced the same issue on getting empty SharedData.
My device is roller blind motor RF433 that’s compatible with Broadlink. I am using RM Pro for my project. I needed to take this route since RM Pro can’t learn the codes directly from the RF433 remote.

I followed the guide to the letter but still gave me empty code after “Shared WLAN…” option in eControl. One of the threads I read had similar issue. As per in-depth analysis by the contributors in the thread, it was confirmed that eControl app is not storing the codes in jsonIrCode file and also in DB. So both options getBroadlinkSharedData and econtrol-db-dump did not have the codes. Could be for his device, and mine too.

Managed to pickup the codes through:

  1. Use Broadlink’s IHC app instead of eControl
  2. Add User-Defined device
  3. Manually add button
  4. Press “scan frequency” before “learn code”
  5. Then continue with learning code when prompted onscreen
  6. Press button on RF remote (of the blinds motor) to learn the code
  7. RM Pro should be able to pick it up
  8. Complete for the rest of the buttons
  9. Restart HomeAssistant
  10. Run switch.broadlink_learn_command_IPADDRESS service
  11. Use buttons in IHC app (not from the RF433 remote of the device)
  12. HomeAssistant should be able to pickup the codes.
  13. Proceed with the rest HomeAssistant setup

Hopefully this helps.