Getting 2nd internet due to ring alarm pro


Please bear with me as I am not a tech person. I have a 1gb internet but , have a ring alarm pro router which only supports 500mb(eero 6)? I do have a 3 extenders on a 5k sqft house. I have ~130 devices connected to it(mostly switches/alexa/light bulbs indoor sensors) and after about 100 devices, I started seeing inconsistency in speed and connections of my smart home devices and normal internet usage. Also everytime I restart the router, some of devices fall off. Another point is new kasa devices stopped being recognized in home assistant.

I have about 20 ring (mostly outdoor cameras) and I dont use them in homeassistant for any automation.

so I am thinking to get another 1gb internet line and run a separate network using a better mesh router that supports 1gb speed to get a better wifi coverage for my normal use /smart home devices/home assistant.

is that a right way of thinking or good solution or is there a better way?

Thank you very much

Definitely don’t pay for an additional Internet connection; sounds like you could just use a much better router and access points. As far as what equipment to upgrade to, that’s pretty open-ended. I’ll let other folks who have a better pulse on the current options to make specific recommendations.

Any device that does routing, switching and AP in one package is never going to cut the mustard. For ease of use go Unifi and get seprate devices, don’t use extenders but actual APs connected via POE to a POE switch. On wifi the slowest device will limit everything. Good luck

Thanks for the response but sorry didn’t understand anything except that ring alarm pro sucks.

it appears Unifi is some kind of a switch. what kind of company do I need to to contact to get this service setup as it is definitely out of my depth.


You need someone to help setup your networking - you have a rather complex setup. I don’t know what type of person you can call for this, most places that need this type of work are usually businesses that have an IT person or someone that knows networking or setup their networking that would fix it.

Your wifi is likely overloaded - it’s the bottleneck, not the connection to / through your ISP, though I have no idea how much bandwidth that many ring devices need.

You need to fix the wifi setup. There are a few steps you could try:

I agree with patmans, your Eero 6 is being overwhelmed. You might be able to buy another couple of eero routers to create a mesh. I am pretty sure eero does not support a wired backhaul. With 100 plus devices the safest route would be to buy a higher performance 3-4 pack mesh router with wired backhaul. Expect to pay $3-$500. With that setup, you will not need to make a special configurations to make it all work.