Getting alerts when in Do not Disturb on iOS

Hi everyone,

I have been trying out multiple ways to do notifications, especially so that they go thru while my iPhone/iPad is on a ‘Focus’ i.e. DND, Sleep, Working etc.

I know that I can get notifications thru as critical notifications and that works fine. However I am looking for a way to also get ‘Alerts’ thru which they don’t by default.

I setup the alert below and it generally works. I added a notifier group with my iPhone and the same settings that allow a normal notification to become a critical notification, in hopes that this would work here too. Unfortunately it does not. The check tells me that my config is fine but after restart the alert will not run (it was running before fine as normal alert).

# Alert
    name: Test Alert
    message: Door is opened
    done_message: Door is closed
    entity_id: binary_sensor.door
    state: "on"
    repeat: 1
    can_acknowledge: true
    skip_first: false
      - my_iphone_critical

# Notify
  - name: my_iphone_critical
    platform: group
      - service: mobile_app_iphone
                name: "default"
                critical: 1
                volume: 1.0

Anyone has any idea how to fix this?