Getting an old Omnik to work / Best Solar PV Converter for HA?

Hi! Currently I have a very old Omnik TL converter for my -modest- PV system of 1250Wp. However, this one is so old it doesn’t work with the third-party integration created by Robin Janssen (GitHub - robbinjanssen/home-assistant-omnik-inverter: Read the current, daily and total Wh from your Omnik Inverter via local network (no cloud!)).
Does anyone else use an old Omnik TL converter and got it working in HA and in the Energy dash?

And if all that fails… I might be in the market for a new inverter. What is the best inverter to choose at the moment? Which one is best compatible with HA? I would really like one that’s A) high quality of course and B) completely open, so you can fetch data from it locally. If possible no cloud-API.

Any recommendations would be great!

unfortunately i can only talk about new inverters, because we got a new photovoltaic system on the roof. we use a kostal plenticore, for which there is a very good HA integration. the integration can pick up more data than the official app/online dashboard.

I have the same issue here. One solution I can think of is to either:

  • solder a serial connection to J4 on the wifi logger and try to communicate using an ESP
  • create a proxy using a ESP 8266 which captures the traffic going to and post this to MQTT

However I hope someone can point to me a newer firmware for the datalogger

Meanwhile I managed to configured the invertor to also post the information to a webserver running on an esp8266 which forwards the details to MQTT and make it available to HA.
As such the data is still also posted to while also making it available in HA.

So yes I have an old 2000TL working in HA!

However running an ESP just to forward the info to MQTT is a bit cumbersome, I want to have the inverting posting it directly to a plugin in HA. As I’m not experienced in python I need some help in getting a TCP server running in HA