Getting battery status from cover

I have 11 zemismart Rechargeable roller blind motors dotted around the house, they all work well in opening and closing and in automations, simple question, is there anyway to get the battery status from them?

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When you go to the device page is the battery state listed in the device Diagnostic Card?


No this is all I see…


TS0601 Comes up as a TRV when i look for it. Are you sure you have set it up correctly? Did you have to install a custom zigbee device handler?

I would maybe look into it.

I have set up quirks, where do I get them from, sorry still learning the deeper stuff.

Did you figured this out? im new here as well, and im exacly in the same position

using ZHA with the homeassistant sky connect

Unfortunately no, and with 12 in the house, would have been handy, for now I have the charging set up to trigger once a week for 3 hours and that seems to keep them topped up so that they don’t fail at any time, they are excellent motors, just wish we had more info from them.

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I found this url and it look like its working for me.
This is not mine to take creadit for, i think its from @stast, i’m just sharing my findings that may help others in the future.

PS. It would be nice to see this integrated in HA without using custom quirks