Getting data from esp8266

I am new to HAOS . I have various esp8266 and esp32 data logging builds and want to use esphome as a grand collector of my data. I am unclear as to how I get my data from the esp into esphome… Can I use wifi and if so how? At present I send data to Thingspeak. Do I do something similar?
or do I send data via the USB cable? some of my data I get from screen monotor on Arduino ISP.
perhaps you could direct me to a location whifh will address my questions

Always worth searching the docs, its what they are there for.

If you want to use esphome you will be rewriting your firmware in esphome, and home assistant collects the data. That’s how esphome works.

As above you could use your existing firmware to send to thingspeak, which is probably the easiest.

Or you could modify your firmware to send data by MQTT, which is a popular choice.

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If you move across to ESPHome firmware then for the majority of use cases people use the native (WiFi) API.

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