Getting Data from HTML Website

Dear Community!

I would need some help getting data from my Temperature/Humidity device which can be displayed on a webpage. I thought it would be possible using scrape but have no clue where and how to start with.
Maybe somebody can help me with this, below I have a screenshot of the HTML content, I would like to get Temperature and Humidity, Airpressure is not needed.
Will be happy for a nice solution.

Thanks a lot!

Not sure if this will work, but try right clicking on the row, where your temperature value is (13.9°C), then select Copy → Copy selector.
Paste that value to the sensor under “select” and that should do it. Repeat for humidity.
Smthg like this:

  - platform: scrape
    name: Cellar Temperature 
    select: "#mv0"
  - platform: scrape
    name: Cellar Humidity 
    select: "#mv1"

Beware, that this will be string, not a number, as the selected value (13.9°C) is a string, and you won’t be able to do further calculations or whatever.

Thanks for your answer, I have tried your config, but getting an error
Source: components/rest/
Integration: RESTful (documentation, issues)
First occurred: 12:02:33 (6 occurrences)
Last logged: 12:02:54

Error fetching data: failed with
Error fetching data: failed with illegal chunk header: bytearray(b’F9 \r\n’)

Not sure what it means, but the sensor is not showing up.

Sorry, no idea. My understanding is, that your server isn’t creating a “valid” header inside html code, but I don’t know how to deal with it.

ok thanks, no worries, maybe someone else can help with this error.

maybe someone else has an idea how to fix this?

Did you actually do what admiral said or did you just copy the config he posted as a pseudo example?

I have done what admiral posted above, but I am getting an error, so I thought this is probably the wrong approach. I am still not even sure if scrape is the proper way to get what I want.
I have also tried this config, but didn#t work either:

  • platform: scrape
    resource: “
    name: Humidity Cellar
    select: “td”
    index: 8 #experiment with this number to find the correct value
    value_template: ‘{{ ((value.split(" “)[0]) | replace (”,", “.”)) }}’
    unit_of_measurement: “%”

  • platform: scrape
    resource: “
    name: Air Pressure Cellar
    select: “td”
    index: 8 #experiment with this number to find the correct value
    value_template: ‘{{ ((value.split(" “)[0]) | replace (”,", “.”)) }}’

Perhaps you can use regex to capture the values?

do you think you could give me an example on how to do/use regex on my case above?

Sure but not from an image of html.

I have put in a port forwarding, so you should be able to connect to the sensor using this link:
you could also use this link:

Dude… no delete that!

Just paste the html here in a code block.

Although most people won’t do anything posting links to your home IP with open ports is not a good idea.

Oh… i see now that is the same url you posted earlier. Still just paste the html here

ok got it thanks,
I tried to copy the HTML code but can’t select and use copy in the window you see below. Sorry but I don’t know how to copy that content as text as I am not even available to select it in this window.

if (self!= top)
{	alert('Um diese Seite auf Ihrem Smartphone zu laden \ngeben Sie als URL http://ip-adresse/smart ein \n\nTo display this page on your Smart Phone,\nplease enter as URL http://ip-address/smart');
var password = '';
var interval = 5000;
var CommandString = new Array();
mval = ['','','','','','','',''];
mtag = ['<a href="info.htm?Ili=0&amp;Ref=smart.htm?Vpos=39167&amp;DTb=0&amp;">Temperature Cellar</a>','<a href="info.htm?Ili=1&amp;Ref=smart.htm?Vpos=39167&amp;DTb=0&amp;">Humidity Cellar</a>','<a href="info.htm?Ili=2&amp;Ref=smart.htm?Vpos=39167&amp;DTb=0&amp;">Airpressure Cellar</a>','','','','',''];
var maxm = 0;

function Commandloop()
{	DataRequest(CommandString[0]);
	maintimer = setTimeout("Commandloop()", interval);

function DataRequest(sendstring)
{	var xmlHttp = window.ActiveXObject ? new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP") : xmlHttp = new XMLHttpRequest();
	if (xmlHttp)
	{	xmlHttp.onreadystatechange = function()
		{	if (xmlHttp.readyState == 4)
			{	if (xmlHttp.status == 200)
				{	updateDisplay(xmlHttp.responseText)
		}"GET", sendstring, true);
		xmlHttp.setRequestHeader("Connection", "close");
		xmlHttp.setRequestHeader("If-Modified-Since", "Thu, 1 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT");

function updateDisplay(ReceiveString)
{	var ReceiveData = ReceiveString.split(";");
	for (i=0;i<maxm;i++)
    { document.getElementById('mv'+i).innerHTML = ReceiveData[ReceiveData.length-maxm+i];


function createDisplay()
{	for (i=0;i<mtag.length;i++)
	{	if (mtag[i]!='')
		{	maxm++;
	for (var i = 0; i < maxm; i++)
	{	var singletag = mtag[i].split('>');
		mtag[i] = singletag[1].substring(0, singletag[1].length - 3)
	document.body.innerHTML+='<div class="ds" id="dn"> Cellar </div>';
	for (i = 0; i < maxm; i++)
	{	document.body.innerHTML += '<div class="ds">'+mtag[i]+'</div>';
		document.body.innerHTML += '<div id="mv'+i+'" class="val iov">'+mval[i]+'</div>';
	CommandString = ['single'];

If that code block is the code then that is the issue.
If there is javascript in a webpage then a scrape tool won’t work since the values isn’t there but are placed there by JavaScript and that can’t be fetched with scrape tools.

ok that makes sense, because I am quite sure that there is javascript in that webpage. Does that mean there is no way to read data form that site?

There are ways but none that I have ever managed to get working in any programming language that I know.
You need a headless scraper.

They probably do work but I just never tried it enough or spent enough time

ok but thanks for trying and for your time. Guess I will just buy a new sensor for that purpose.