Getting data from mysql/mariadb to apexcharts-card

Hi there , to make a long story short I wanted to save my daily water meter measurement in another database that I feel I have control over.

Super simple table with two columns: date and m3 measurement

Now I want to be able to retrieve the data from this database and show it in home assistant as an apex chart. I didnt think this would cause so much trouble .

Is it really impossible to get the data out from the sql like the example shown here?:

  - '2021-01-27'
  - '2021-01-28'
  - '2021-01-29'
  - 4.99
  - 1.41
  - 4.96
unit_of_measurement: liter
friendly_name: DailyWater

Did you end up getting this going? I have the same requirement.

No not really I went away from apexcharts and used chartjs-card instead . With that I can generate the x axis as I want with some JS and then feed it with a sensor that have the values as an array [4.99, 1.41, 4.96]
The values I pull out from the database as the array mentioned.