Getting data from TSL2581 light sensor on raspberry pi 4 with HS OS

I am new here, so sorry for lack of knowledge. I wanted to do simple automation on home server installed os installed on my raspberry pi 4.

I downloaded hacs → onewire_sysbus and rpi_gpio. I added to config.txt lines:
dtoverlay i2c-gpio bus=**2** i2c_gpio_sda=**22** i2c_gpio_scl=**23** dtoverlay=w1-gpio-pullup.
After that I checked voltage on 22 gpio and it was 3.3 V, so one wire had to work.

In next step I created my own custom component with TSL2581. However when I click configuration I get message: Platform error sensor.light_sensor - No module named ‘custom_components.light_sensor.sensor’

My light_sensor folder:

in configuration.yaml I added just
platform: light_sensor

What I did wrong? Could I did that easier? How to compile python project in HS and check does it works?

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