Getting Error "Call-service error. required key not provided @ data['value']" using Switch Turn_on


I am stuck with the error “Call-service error. required key not provided @ data[‘value’]”. Was working up to recently.

its a call service node

Name: Turn on Heating
Server: Home Assistant
Domain: Switch
Service: Turn_on
Entity id: switch.kitchenheat
Data is blank.

Switchs are 2 smart life plugs.

It will not turn on the switches in question. Anyone another way to do it. or any idea what the issue is.

Thanks in advance

you will need to post the properly formatted complete automation in yaml (no screenshots). There is no way to help you troubleshoot with the info you gave us.

I’m confused by the word “node” which makes me wonder if this is even going to be YAML, or is it in fact Node Red?

I was wondering the same thing but I figured we would get clarity when the OP posted the code.

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Whichever case - it’s definitely not a “configuration” topic :wink:


Yes it is node red. Have I posted in the wrong place