Getting error- your configuration.yaml doesn't properly include customization.yaml

I keep getting this screen when customizing entities-

I have added the include to my configuration.yaml and restarted the VM but still getting the error.

# Configure a default setup of Home Assistant (frontend, api, etc)

# Text to speech
  - platform: google_translate

group: !include groups.yaml
automation: !include automations.yaml
script: !include scripts.yaml
scene: !include scenes.yaml
  customize: !include customize.yaml

Yes, I noticed this too. The customization does work for me though, despite the error message.

Yes, I get the same error. Except the customization page seems to remember the customizations that I set in the UI, but the rest of the UI does not.

For example, when I set an ‘openning’ sensor device_class to ‘lock’, the sensor briefly shows up as a ‘lock’ on the lovelace UI, but quickly goes back to ‘openning’.

The developer tools > states page shows it as ‘openning’ too.

TBH I’m finding the mixture of yaml files and UI configuration annoying - I’d like to take everything out of yaml if possible. Having to add a customize.yaml just to allow me to modify something in the UI seems really strange.

I think it’s probably a bug.

It seems that the message appears when this line evaluates to false.

Can anyone help me understand what that line is doing? Something to do with comparing localConfig and globalConfig? My JavaScript knowledge is not great but if someone could give me a pointer I might be able to fix it.

Correction, it was my error. I had 2 parallel config dirs and my HA docker instance was looking at the wrong one. Sorted now.