Getting HA to create an output HTML file of sensor data

HA is great at taking in all kinds of information, but I’m struggling to find a way to output some of that data into a small HTML file so I can display some local weather data elsewhere based on what I have in my sensors.

Specifically I need help with getting an HTML file created using templates, so values within can be refreshed over time.

I’ve been searching, and cannot find a way to do this unless. I’d be happy if I could get HA to simply output ‘hello world’ into a file and save it somewhere. Then I think I could do the rest. Any suggestions?

Thank you for looking.

Getting HA to create an output text file

output some of that data into a small HTML file

What exactly you wanna do? Create a webpage to load from outside of HA? Create a text file? Just output your stuff in the Dashboard?

I’m looking to create a webpage that can be loaded by people outside of HA that will display weather information. (e.g.

I was going to use HA to generate the HTML file and then copy it over to the web server.

I tried using the File integration, but notifications outputs don’t work like that as they are appended to what is already in the file.

Is it possible to output a dashboard to a separate file for web use? This would be great if that is an option. I could just use the Markdown card and output that.

You may also try:

With this, you can do anything: call a PHP/Python script to generate the HTML, etc.

Or you may use RESTful Command - Home Assistant

To send the values via a HTTP request to some other app generating the HTML.