Getting Home Assistant Lovelace to show on TV


I am all new to this whole automation thing. I have got a few automation’s setup. I have created a second lovelace UI where I have customized a few things.

My main question is the second lovelace UI I want to have that shown on a TV through a HDMI. I have connected a HDMI To the rpi and to a TV but there is no picture or indication its connected.

I googled it but can’t find anything in relation to how to get your UI to show through HDMI output

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Home assistant runs headless. There is only console output on the hdmi port.

If you want to display the UI on a TV you will either need a smart tv with a web browser or a second Pi that you can connect to the tv and run raspbian. It has a web browser.

Many thanks for your reply. Now it makes sense why I couldn’t find anything for it. Right I will use smartTV method through the browser. Thanks for your help.

What about HA Cast functionality. Maybe that will work for you?