Getting lovelace custom cards working on iOS 9

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I’m trying to get lovelace custom cards to work on iOS9. I found out most cards are made for a newer version of javascript than iOS9 supports, I get errors like:
unexpected keyword 'const' const declarations are not supported in strict mode in my log
and Custom element doesn't exist: weather-card-chart (for example for the weather-card-chart) where the card is supposed to be.

I tried to compile the code to es5 javascript using babel, which makes the errors disappear from the home assistant log, but the card still doesn’t load with the same error (and doesnt’ load on Android either).

Did anyone get this working or will I have to look for a new tablet? :frowning:

I had the same issue with iOS 9 on my iPhone 6s. I ended up updating the OS to 12 because of the issues. Now it works great

I’d recommend looking for HA dashboard

Then seeing if you can update/upgrade your tablet

Same issues… iPad 1 cannot be updated …

Any updates ? Same problem here with an old iPad2.