Getting microphone mute state and webcam state of computer

I’m looking for a way to determine if I’m in a meeting with my microphone on, or if the webcam is on. I use Teams for work, but the integrations seem to only pull in Teams status, which isn’t that helpful because I’m in meetings most of the day, and so I’d really like a status to say if I’m actively talking (i.e. microphone mute is off) or if I’m on camera (webcam is in use).

Hass Workstation Service would be ideal for this, but I don’t have admin access to the company-owned laptop I use. What I really need is something that I don’t have to install, but can communicate microphone and webcam status over MQTT. Anyone have any ideas?

You don’t need admin rights for HWS - it runs as your user.

You’re right, I should have attempted to try it first. Thank you!

Hi! I’ve just installed Hass workstation but I can’t get the mic mited/unmuted state. It’s on off state until I get into a call and then stays on until I end the meeting despite muting the mic on teams.
Has anyone come around this issue?

I ended up going a different route, using mutesync and an autohotkey script.

The issue you might be having is that the Teams mute status doesn’t necessarily apply the mute to the operating system, I think it only mutes within the Teams application. And HWS is looking at the operating system mute status.

You might try installing the mutesync software; it is free (and you don’t need to have the hardware purchased or installed) and it will sync the mute status between MS Teams and the operating system. In that way, HWS will report out the correct mute state.

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