Getting more confused by the minute!

Hi Everyone

I am a total noob to HA. I want to run it on a Pi4. To start I installed it using the image for the 32bit Pi4. That worked but didnt give me access to the OS which I want.

So, I then installed it in a Python virtual environment. This gave me what I wanted but didnt have the Supervisor option. When I started looking at installing the Supervisor I discovered that the long-term plan is to discontinue support for it. I assumed it was only a convenience tool so I thought OK I will not use Supervisor.

I managed to integrate my Hue lights, Sonos and weather station relatively easily without the need for Supervisor. So far so good. But…

I now want to integrate some IP cameras. There doesnt seem to be any ‘official’ integration available under Configuration | Integrations

So, my question is (without Supervisor) how should I go about integrating an ip camera based security system that can trigger automatons on camera events e.g. movement

Are there any guides for doing this?

I should also have mentioned that I know using a docker approach will still give me access to the OS, but ideally I’m looking for a way forward with the python venv installation

I don’t know where you discovered that but it’s false.

The “Supervisor” is a management tool (distributed as a docker container) that is part of Home Assistant OS and Home Assistant Supervised. There has never been a plan to discontinue it.

Home Assistant Supervised is an installation method that, for a very brief time, was going to be deprecated but then that plan was shelved. It continues to be one of four officially supported installation methods.

Supervisor” plays no part in Home Assistant’s ability to support IP cameras.

Here are the integrations for cameras.

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Thanks for the feedback.

I may have confused Home Assistant Supervised with Supervisor - appologies.

Thanks for the link to the camera integrations. But that is what was confusing me. If I look at your link there are dozens of integrations. If I go to Configuration | Integrations | add on my home assistant i dont have half of them. Is that because they’re designed for integration via supervisor?

No. When looking for an integration, you should refer to the link I provided first because it contains the most comprehensive list of officially supported integrations.

  • Some integrations are configured by manually adding them to your configuration.yaml file. The integration’s documentation will indicate if that’s the case. These integrations are not listed in the UI.

  • Other integrations are configured via the UI.

  • A few integrations can be configured either way but the trend is to migrate away from text-based to UI-based configuration.

And in addition to that, if you can’t find an official integration or it doesn’t fit to your needs,there are tons of custom integrations available.

It became a common way to manage them through HACS, where you can add custom repositories if they support HACS and it help you in keeping them up to date. Prevents you from getting a huge mess…

Thank you to both… that makes things a little clearer in my head