Getting notified when Aqara/Xiaomi WSDCGQ11LM drops from Zigbee network

I use this TH sensor in a bathroom fan automation and it seems to drop off the Zigbee network every week or so. And I discover it after I’m in the shower and the fan doesn’t come on.

It connects to an Ikea USB Charger based Zigbee router in the same room which connects to a CC2652 Zigbee Configurator running Z2M in another room. Since other Zigbee devices on the network are running fine, I’m guessing this is the potentially non-standard Zigbee implementation that various people mention.

It would help if I could get a message of some sort (text? email?) when the sensor goes Offline to Z2M. How would I achieve that?

Of course, it would be better if the link didn’t drop since the battery life and reporting rate on the Aqara are great. I’m okay to try a different router but I believe the Ikea’s are as good as they get. Any suggestions for a reliable humidity sensor that advertises changes at a reasonable enough rate for this application?